Jane Charlesworth

caviar and cigarettes, well versed in etiquette...

29 March
Friends only, due to high volume of spammers.

Here is a selection of things that may or may not distinguish me from the other six billion ants people on this planet:

  • I'm wrong quite often and I'm not afraid to admit it.

  • I could quite happily subsist on olives, pickled onions, berries and black coffee.

  • I always find room for dessert.

  • When I was little I used to confuse words amusingly, eg "crampons" and "tampons"

  • I'm astoundingly ignorant of many pop culture references because I grew up without a TV in a faraway land.

  • I am the queen of booksluts.

  • My party tricks are: throwing fruit/peanuts into my mouth, reciting Kubla Khan from memory, furniture caving and sexing fruit flies.

  • Technically, I'm a tattooed biker.

  • My current obsessions are roller derby and photography. I'll pose for you if you'll pose for me- deal?

  • Old journal may be found here